Training (CRIManagement and Security Training Group)

Our training division and trainers offers you a variety of courses in the field of public safety, police organizations and parallel security agencies.  Among the courses offered:

Parallel security agencies

  • Basic guard security course in Ontario and Quebec
  • Basic Investigation and advanced investigator’s courses
  • First responder and First aid / CPR certification / level C / and advanced Tactical Medic course.
  • Access control and detection systems (x-ray machine, explosives detection, hand held metal detector, baggage search and personal body search, given by a certified Transport Canada instructor)
  • Access control instructor’s course
  • Training of CPTED Inspector for municipalities
  • Threats and risks assessments (TRA) new methodology (physical and IT)
  • Business continuity planning
  • Protection of information security / IT technology
  • Emergency procedures in working environment
  • Bill C168 Training and certification (Ontario)
  • Violence and harassment in the workplace

Police organizations

Professional qualifying ongoing Training (Basic courses and annual certification)

  • CRIManagement and the confrontational continuum
  • Tactical deployment
  • Control techniques
  • CRIManagement (Conflict Resolution Incident Management)
  • Tactical communication / verbal judo
  • Handcuffing techniques
  • Alternative weaponry / * impact weapons i.e. retractable baton / empty handed combat techniques / * lateral vascular neck control       * Mandatory annual certification)
  • Legal justification ( use of lethal force)
  • Armed defence techniques and decision making process
  • Use of force training instructors
  • Emergency Response Team
    • Selection criteria
    • Selection course
    • Room entries and clearing
    • Use of stunt grenades and flash bangs
    • Advanced instinctive shooting course / 9mm and submachine gun
    • Communication set up and code system
    • Helicopter rappelling / fast rope system
    • Option planning
      • Holding area
      • Open air option (Sniper)
      • Ambush option
      • A. plan (immediate action plan)
      • Deliberate action plan
      • Aircraft assault