Personal protection service

A personalized personal protection service with a high degree of efficiency and professionalism. Over 30 years of experience in close protection details provided internationally.

Every member posted on a security detail has many years of experience, desirable qualifications and knowledge in personal security protection and high risk intervention. Retired police officers, military experts or highly qualified civilians who possess special knowledge and desirable qualities.

Each member has completed with success the Executive Response Int`l. high profile body guard course given by experts attached to the CRIManagement and security training group, the training division of Executive Response Int’l.

Our personal protection services include:

  • Needs Analysis: security assessment, business / private residence / abroad. Investigation and verification of potential threats (TRA)
  • Security planning: special events, private meeting, business meeting, technical detection service, responsibilities of security personnel
  • Travel planning: Local, regional, national and International. Advanced Security, limousine services, group transportation
  • Private residence security: private / hotel, technical detection service ie, wiretap, industrial espionage, etc.
  • Dog Master: perimeter security; exterior / interior, crowd control, narcotics searches, explosives searches
  • Personal safety: regional, national and foreign countries, security profile and advanced security planning travel (advance security awareness program, ASAP)
  • Family security: special events, graduation, vacation etc.
  • Transport of properties: precious goods, documents etc.