Since September 11 2001, several commercial enterprises have realized the importance of having a security and safety officer on board. Our proposed services are directly in response to the increased risks and threats that could at any moment disturb the daily operations of these firms.

  1. Threats and risks analysis (TRA)

The threat and risk analysis concept is to ensure proper decision making regarding security and make appropriate recommendations regarding effective protection measures. An evaluation of the existing protection measures of the company is also part of the TRA process. Our specialists have been trained by the RCMP physical security unit and are currently using the Harmonised Threat and Risk Assesment Method. (HTRA)

  1. Business continuity planning

A specialized discipline in the security world. It is an essential component of any serious security plan for any company who has at heart the welfare of its employees and users.

  • Business continuity plan (BCP)

A BCP allows all users and employees to continue their activities without interruption, during an incident or disaster.

  • Business recovery plan (BRP)

A BRP is the set of requirements which will explain how to resume operations after a disaster and includes all activities of a company.

  • Anti-sinister plan (ASP)

ASP refers to the information technology (IT) so it is part of the business continuation plan.

  1. CPTED (Crime prevention through Environmental Design)

CEPTED is a global strategy which is proactive. It also qualifies as a muti-disciplinary approach strategy. It is used and favoured by architect, security professionals, landscapers, and municipalities.

  • CEPTED is based on four detailed steps¬†:
    • Natural Surveillance: Different ways of designing rooms or parts or rooms (or any other construction) to facilitate visibility or observation.
    • Access Control: This is what enables all traffic (vehicles and persons) to circulate at specified locations without opportunities to deviate;
    • Territorial re enforcement: It clearly defines specific areas divided into three areas: Public / Semi private / Private
    • Maintenance: maintenance of a property is an expression of membership by an owner.
    • A comprehensive and efficient approach to this reality. Saving lifes is our priority.