Employee Certification

Security guard

Every one of our security guard has received the basic training on laws and regulations governing the private security industry in Quebec and Ontario. Additionally they received ongoing training on conflict resolution management and use of force. All personnel are also a certified first aid level C responder.


The majority of our investigators are from the police community and have extensive experience in the field of investigations. The addition to our investigative team of a major crime case profiler,  a polygraph examiner , case analyst, statement analysis and a surveillance unit,  gives us the opportunity to challenge any investigations. 

Personal protection service

Each member has completed with success the Executive Response Int`l. high profile body guard course given by experts attached to the CRIManagement and security training group, the training division of Executive Response Int’l.

Corporate security /Trainer

Our instructors are experts in their training fields. Several years of experience in training of security officer, investigators, police, body guards, corporate security, TRA, and CPTED inspectors.