Why should we use a security professional?

Close-up of a secret service agent listening to his earpiece, side.

Security, by definition is a state of mind. In today’s society security must be considered individually and collectively with the objective of securing enterprises, people and their property against damages and or threats.
When it comes to risk we need to consider the interruption or possible destruction of the entity which could be caused by, a mistake, a design problem or due to external hazard.

When talking about threats, they can come from criminals, illicit, political, military, technical (hackers), economical, financial, and social or caused by nature.

The success of attaining our security objectives at ER, rest between two basic fundamental principles: Prevention, which tends to reduce the possibility that an event will occur and Protection which will reduce the damages if the situation unfortunately, does happen.

ER difference

Whatever security services required by our customers i.e.: corporate, investigation, commercial, personal protection or training, our company provides complete protection to address the problem in its totality or complexity, and all of our specialists are trained to take control of the situation until the completion of the required mandate or the arrival of competent authorities.