Our services protection includes

  1. Needs Analysis

    Security assessment, business / private residence / abroad. Investigation and verification of potential threats (TRA)

  2. Security planning

    Special events, private meeting, business meeting, technical detection service, responsibilities of security personnel

  3. Travel planning

    Local, regional, national and International. Advanced Security, limousine services, group transportation

  4. Private residence security

    Private / hotel, technical detection service ie, wiretap, industrial espionage, etc.

  5. Dog Master

    Perimeter security; exterior / interior, crowd control, narcotics searches, explosives searches

  6. Personal safety

    Regional, national and foreign countries, security profile and advanced security planning travel (advance security awareness program, ASAP)

  7. Family security

    Special events, graduation, vacation etc.

ER difference

Whatever security services required by our customers i.e.: corporate, investigation, commercial, personal protection or training, our company provides complete protection to address the problem in its totality or complexity, and all of our specialists are trained to take control of the situation until the completion of the required mandate or the arrival of competent authorities.